Our Company

The production facilities of our new plant occupy 15,000 square meters, which allows us to provide almost all types of subcontractor services in the fields of mechanical engineering and metalworking. We work with ferrous, stainless steel and aluminum, both at the procurement and welding stages, and for processing via CNC machines. 

We provide Product Liability Insurance.

With years of experience in metal parts manufacturing, our trained professionals are ready to help you implement your production ideas into life and fulfill your business needs.

Following the highest quality standards of production, we stay in line with all the necessary production certificates (EN 1090-2, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 3834-2) and quality management systems (such as Monitor ERP).

Our Services

We offer various range of custom metal processing services, including production of engine units details. We can become your trusted supplier for procurement services on EU market and partner for manufacturing expansion in DACH – CEE regions. We accept mass orders only.


Laser Cut Services

We perform sheet metal laser cutting of various materials, such as stainless steel, common steel, special steel (Hardox, Raex, Strenx), aluminum, and copper. For custom metal cutting purposes, we use two laser complexes; the maximum laser cutting steel sheet size is 2x6m, the most effective range is up to 20 mm, and the maximum thickness is 30 mm.

Sheet Metal Bending Services

A wide range of CNC bending equipment allows us to perform complex custom metal bending of up to 12mm and sheet metal folding. The compression force is 130 t, the maximum compression length is 3050 mm.

Metal Sawing Services

The sawing of profiled materials is a demanding operation in preparatory production. We have two machines with a maximum workpiece diameter of up to 520mm.

Plate Rolling Services

Among the multitude of steel plate rolling companies, our company excels with powerful machines. Our equipment can roll the shells from 300mm to 1400mm in diameter, with a wall thickness of up to 25mm.

CNC Machining Services

Our CNC machining company has 14 different CNC machines, which allows us to perform almost the entire range of custom CNC machining requests, including CNC cutting services, custom CNC milling service, CNC routing services, CNC turning services, Profile and pipe bending, drilling, carousel, boring, slotting, and grinding.

Welding Services

With knowledge and experience working with a variety of materials, from carbon steel and stainless steel to aluminum, we use the latest welding technologies from Lincoln Electric. We provide MAG/MIG welding services and TIG welding services, working under the ISO 3834-3 standards.

Our Equipment

Band saw for metal – hydraulic semi-automatic.
  • Saw blade speed: 15-90 m/min
  • Working height of vice: 810 mm
round square rectangle
90° 380 340 510 x 340
-45° 380 340 350 x 340
+45° 380 340 350 x 340
+/- 60° 270 255 235 x 340
Band saw for metal – dual-column CNC automatic.
  • Feed rate of material: 1,6 / 2,5 / 3 m/min
  • Saw blade speed: 15-90 m/min
round square rectangle
90° 520 500 700 x 480

CNC variable rake hydraulic guillotine shear

Cutting Length3080 mm
Cutting Capacity, MS10 (450 N/mm²)
Cutting Capacity, SS7,5 (700 N/mm²)
Min/max. stroke per minute10_19 (stroke/minute)
Min. cutting angle0,3
Max. cutting angle2
Number of downforces16 pcs.
Min. downforce5 tons
Max. downforce20 tons

Hydraulic CNC press brakes

Bending force135 tons
Bending length3100 mm
Column distance2600 mm
Stroke265 mm
Daylight485 mm
Throat depth410 mm
Y-axis stroke200 mm

Adaptive CNC fiber laser

Laser power: 2000 W

Working range:

Worktable size3048×1524
Z-axis stroke100 mm
Position accuracy0.08 Pa
Average position range0.03 Ps

Cutting capacity (thicknesses):

Steel (S185JR,S235JR, RAEX 250 C LASER)0.5-15
Stainless steel (AISI 304, X5CrNi18-10 1.4301)0.5-10
Aluminum (Al 99.5 EN AW 1050A)0.5-8
Copper (Cu-ETP CW004A H040 EN1652)0.5-5
Brass (CuZn37 CW508L H055 EN1652)0.5-5

4-roll CNC double pinch plate bending machine with linear guides.

S235 260N/mm² Ø mm
Bending thickness (1000mm) Ø1325 19
Prebending thickness (1000mm) Ø1325 15
Bending thickness (1000mm) Ø340 14
Prebending thickness (1000mm) Ø340 13
Bending thickness (500mm) Ø1325 23
Prebending thickness (500mm) Ø1325 19
S355 360N/mm² Ø mm
Bending thickness (1000mm) Ø1325 17
Prebending thickness (1000mm) Ø1325 13
Bending thickness (1000mm) Ø340 13
Prebending thickness (1000mm) Ø340 11
Bending thickness (500mm) Ø1325 21
Prebending thickness (500mm) Ø1325 17

CNC Rigid Spindle Head Toolroom Bed Mill 

  • X-axis stroke: 813 mm
  • Y-axis stroke: 432 mm 
  • Z-axis stroke: 483 mm
  • Table load (evenly distributed): 900 kg 
  • Ballscrew size: 32 mm 
  • Table size: 356 mm x 1270 mm 
  • T-slots (No./Width:) 3 / 16 mm
  • Spindle: 8 000 RPM

Toolroom Turning CNC Lathe

  • Bed swing: 406 mm
  • Cross slide swing: 206 mm
  • Center height: 206 mm
  • Center distance: 1016 mm (1524 mm)
  • Bed width: 356 mm
  • Size of a ballscrew: 41 mm Z – 25 mm X
  • Speed of a spindle (RPM): 100 – 3,000
  • Quill stroke: 127 mm
  • Quill diameter: 63.5 mm
  • Quill taper hole: MT-5

Toolroom Turning CNC Lathe

  • Bed swing: 457 mm
  • Cross slide swing: 232 mm
  • Center height: 232 mm
  • Center distance: 1016 mm 
  • Bed width: 356 mm
  • Size of a ballscrew: 41 mm Z – 25 mm X
  • Speed of a spindle (RPM): 50 – 2,500
  • Quill stroke: 127 mm
  • Quill diameter: 63.5 mm
  • Quill taper hole: MT-5

Advanced Toolroom Turning CNC Lathe

  • Bed swing: 457 mm
  • Cross slide swing: 232 mm
  • Center height: 232 mm
  • Center distance: 1524 mm
  • Bed width: 356 mm
  • Size of a ballscrew: 41 mm Z – 25 mm X
  • Speed of a spindle (RPM): 50 – 2,500
  • Quill stroke: 127 mm
  • Quill diameter: 63.5 mm
  • Quill taper hole: MT-5

CNC Fixed Spindle Horizontal Machining Center 

  • X-axis stroke: 1016 mm
  • Y-axis stroke: 737 mm 
  • Z-axis stroke: 635 mm
  • Table load (evenly distributed): 2 720 kg 
  • Table size: 610 mm x 1295 mm
  • T-Slots (No./Width): 5 / 18 mm
  • Spindle: 60 – 8 000 RPM
  • Size of a platter: 610 mm
  • Positioning accuracy: 12 arc seconds
  • Positioning repeatability: 5 arc seconds
  • Spindle center to table top: 25 mm – 762 mm

Compact, large swing CNC vertical turret lathe

  • Max. swing diameter: 1524 mm 
  • Cutting diameter range: 0 mm – 1524 mm 
  • Max. cutting length: 813 mm (1219 mm) 
  • Bed width: 813 mm
  • Column stroke (X-axis): 864 mm 
  • Turret face to spindle center (X-axis): -102 mm – 762 mm 
  • Longitudinal stroke (Z-axis): 813 mm 
  • Turret face (bottom) to spindle nose max/min (Z-axis): 203 mm – 1016 mm 
  • Turret positions: 8 
  • Size of turret tooling: BMT-65
  • Size of a ballscrew: 51 mm X, Z
  • Nose of a spindle: A2-15
  • Bore of a spindle: 2.625

Compact, large swing CNC vertical turret lathe

  • Max. swing diameter: 2032 mm
  • Cutting diameter range: 102 mm – 2032 mm
  • Max. cutting length: 813 mm (1219 mm)
  • Bed width: 813 mm
  • Column stroke (X-axis): 965 mm
  • Turret face to spindle center (X-axis): 305 mm – 1016 mm
  • Longitudinal stroke (Z-axis): 1219 mm
  • Turret face (bottom) to spindle nose max/min (Z-axis): 203 mm – 1422
  • Turret positions: 12
  • Size of turret tooling: BMT-65
  • Size of a ballscrew: 51 mm X, Z
  • Nose of a spindle: A2-15
  • Bore of a spindle: 2.625

Keyseating machine.

The SC32 can produce straight grooves, taper keyways, and grooves in blind holes. It produces regular and multiple keyways and standard and custom internal gears.

  • Max. key width: 32 mm
  • Max. key length: 450 mm
  • Max. cutting speed: 15 m/min 
  • Max. return speed: 20 m/min 
  • Cutting force: 40 kN 
  • Feed: 0.01 – 1.5 mm
  • Table size: 640×640

Sheet Metal Cutting Machine (fiber laser).

  • X-axis stroke: 6030
  • Y-axis stroke: 2030
  • Z-axis stroke: 120
  • Velocity: 2.5
  • Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.05
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.03
  • Max. loading capacity: 4000
  • Mild steel: 30
  • Stainless steel: 20
  • Aluminum: 18

PBA-800 CNC aluminum profile bending machine.

  • Roller speed: 1-15 rpm
  • Max. mold diameter: 360 mm
  • Roller diameter: 80 mm
  • Fixed shaft center distance: 400~600 mm adjustable
  • Y-axis push rod thrust: 30 tons (40 tons max)
  • Repeated positioning accuracy of Y-axis push rod: ≤0.02 mm
  • Max. X-axis torque: 6000 N.m
  • Min. processing radius: 150 mm
  • Max. width: 200 mm
  • Max. axial height: 250 mm

CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine.

favoritCNC is a CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine for the individual and batch production of medium-sized workpieces. Its center distance is 650 / 1000 mm, and its center height is 175 mm. It produces workpieces with a maximum weight of 80 / 120 kg.

Cross slide: X-axis

  • Max. travel: 285 mm (11.2″)
  • Speed: 0.001 – 10 000 mm / min (0.000.04 – 394 ipm)
  • Rotative encoder: 0.0001 mm (0.000.004″)

Longitudinal slide: Z-axis

  • Max. travel: 800 / 1 150 mm (31.5″ / 45.3″)
  • Speed: 0.001 – 20 000 mm / min (0.000.04–787 ipm)
  • Rotative encoder: 0.0001 mm (0.000.004″)
  • Machine table: swiveling range 8.5 deg


  • Swiveling range: -15 to +195 deg
  • Swiveled manually 2.5 deg Hirth
  • Fitting taper dia. 63 mm (2.48″)


  • Fitting taper: MT4
  • Barrel stroke: 35 mm (1.37″)
  • Diameter of a barrel: 50 mm (1.97″)
New machine for high precision measurements in quality control. ZEISS CONTURA stands for absolute versatility and fl exibility. The new generation is equipped with the ZEISS multi application sensor system (mass) technology, which makes it possible to exchange diff erent sensor technologies quickly and easily. Measuring range:
Measuring range, mm (X,Y,Z) 900x1200x800
Overall CMM dimensions, mm (L,W,H) 2247x1867x3410
Working range (Max. workpiece size), mm (L,W,H) 1600x1227x850
Max. workpiece weight, kg 1200

Our Advantages

Design and Technology Expertise

Our design and technology teams will help you develop and implement your creative ideas by providing cost-effective solutions to any task, whether it be the production of individual components or ready-to-sell products. We use SolidWorks, SolidСAM which allows us to achieve desired results with less effort in a shorter time.

Unparalleled Quality

Quality is our second name! We use only reliable measuring tools that have passed verification. For complex measurements that are difficult to perform with hand tools, we have a measuring machine. We regularly upgrade our machine park, which allows us to provide new types of services within faster production times. Effective manufacturing process allows us to deliver high volume orders.

Comprehensive Approach

We take care of the packaging and delivery of containers, including the groupage of full cargo to practically any region. Average shipping time in EU - 2 working days, in UK - 6 working days. When working with every project (by designing and/or manufacturing it), we strive to provide the highest quality possible and peerless customer service. At your request, we can also perform the assembly procedures.

Our clients

Quote Request

Series production of finished parts and steel assemblies. Please fill out our subcontractor services request form - and our manager will contact you
subcontractor services request for proposal

Affiliate Program

We invite partners to earn revenue through our metal machine processing affiliate program. Whether you have a potential client for our services or you would like to sale our services for commission - please contact us for program details.
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